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From The Fresh Faces To The Icons. Earl Has It All.

As Penthouse magazine’s most published photographer, Earl Miller has been an icon of high-end erotic art and sensual nudes for nearly 40 years. He has been a pioneer in creating first-of-a-kind and one-of-a-kind sexual fantasies, adult films, and sensual and sexy magazine layouts. is his private collection of favorite centerfold babes, amateurs, fresh faces, porn stars, glamour models and sex videos. Earl loves all girls – blondes, brunettes and redheads, and wants to share his rare ability to capture the sexual magic of solo girls masturbating, girls loving girls in lesbian scenes, girls loving boys in hot hardcore scenes and in kinky threesomes. Earl still works tirelessly creating sex scenes in HD video and digital photography that explore the beauty and the excitement of real human sexuality.

At any rate...what I have found in your work is really this uncanny sensibility towards creating an atmosphere where sexuality is really "explored" rather than simply "displayed". Somehow you manage to direct your models as though they are "discovering" their own sexuality as opposed to just acting it out... you seem to be able to see that there is a larger explorative, highly sensual, moment at work…and for the viewer this makes it so much more exciting because it's not just admiring a beautiful woman or watching a's becomes about a woman and a couple "discovering" the inherent sexuality of their bodies...which is, it seems to me, what "eroticism" is all about.
As far as I can tell, you really are THE erotic photographer who must have shaped a vision of what "sexuality" was to those who grew up to your images. Keep up the incredible work.
By the way, I should have mentioned how much I appreciate your work. I love the female form and you capture it unbelievably. As a kid "reading" Penthouse, I quickly realized your photos were FAR AND AWAY the best. You make body parts into art. You are the master.
Earl love the site, really think you have come a long way. Your photos and videos are artistic and erotic at the same time.
J. Hunt
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Every little detail is perfect in this site, take for example the videos, even though they are hardcore they are so classy and fine! And the photos are simply stunning, the archive is HUGE and it will take you lots of time to watch all the hot ladies that are inside this members area actually. Plus the layout of the picture galleries is really cool in my opinion and the fact that the site gets updated often is another reason for you to stay as a member. Go for it!
MR. Pinks
Earl Miller, my hat goes off to you. You've jumped from the sinking ship that is print media and dedicated your wonderful talents instead to the world of online pornography. I'm also impressed that you've changed your occupation from "erotic artist" to "artistic pornographer", as it shows what a firm grasp you have on what the people want. I also commend you on your thoroughly enjoyable site, its wealth of content (both photo and video), your great skill with a camera, and, of course, your impeccable taste in women.
If you feel that you're a porn connoisseur or even if you're a first-time surfer, you're going to want to check this out. I can almost guarantee you will be hornier than you've ever been before when you join. An Earl Miller membership, with his huge amount of frequently updated content and behind-the-scenes extras, is definitely worth the money.
Porn Living
Finally I got around to reviewing this site, it shall be no secret that I'm a great fan of Earl Millers work through the years.... He has shot for all the best magazines you can mention and he has also received the AVN lifetime achievement award. Needless to say this is a big deal. It was a real pleasure visiting this site, and I truly enjoyed my stay there. Quality is very high and the slick look of the design is nice and goes well together. All in this entire site is a winner already.
Tyler's Porn Reviews
In conclusion, if you love to see hardcore photography at its best, run and don't walk to get this site. I truly love the intersection of hardcore mixed with glamour photography, and chances are you will too! This is simply an all-around immense and fabulous looking collection...
Review Porn
The official website of Earl Miller, a world class photographer that has worked for Penthouse and Playboy, contains a lot of really great XXX photos and video scenes that are all exclusive and fully downloadable. Everything on the site is of top quality, the ladies are some of the hottest in the world and the video quality itself looks just like a DVD. Check out the tour and if you like this guys style, you can’t go wrong with a membership.
Mike's Porn Site Reviews
Overall I have genuinely enjoyed my experience at Even though I usually prefer video sites over those with photos in focus there are so many amazingly hot babes at this site, and much of the content so damn hot that I found myself constantly having to just see a few more photos before it was time to get back to work.
Porn Adept
Earl Miller is a known photographer and shoots with an eye for glamour. The quality of content on his personal site is great, the variety of hardcore is extensive and the amount of content is endless.
The Best Porn
The lighting is perfect, settings and positions are creative and erotic, and you'll find a nice mix of both softcore and hardcore photo sets with a ton of perfectly focused close-up print quality pictures.
Adult Site Surfer
Earl Miller is quite the legend, but if you don't know already, Earl Miller has been taking photographs for Penthouse since there was a third shooter on the grassy knoll. This guy goes way back. He is easily the most published photographer the magazine has ever seen, and frankly it's easy to see why. Earl has a knack for this kind of stuff. His images are all very high quality, with vibrant, fabulous colours and crystal clear clarity.

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From The Fresh Faces To The Icons. Earl Has It All.

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